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Flora DePaiva, MSW, LICSW

Licensensed Independent Clincal Social Worker

Provider of  Therapy in Massachussetts

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Joyful Healing Therapy offers clients the ability to build a strong, trusting, collaborative,  relationship with an experienced, culturally  sensitive,  empathic,  and holistic mental health therapist. When we are healthy in body, mind, emotions, and spirit/energy, we can thrive and live a meaningful and joyful life.  

We provide counseling via Office-Based and Telehealth in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Childhood Psychology

   All of us experience a complex range of emotions navigating our daily lives. Sometimes when we experience strong discomfort physically, emotionally, or mentally, we start to reflect on how we can take care of ourselves and find ways of coping with or alleviating the pain. Within us  lies the capacity to draw upon our inner and outer resources to uplift us. Fostering connections with others, tapping into creative outlets, engaging with religious or spiritual practices, and so many unique ways of nourishing our well-being is important. Yet when we are struggling, we often forget those rich supportive resources. Being able to talk and share space with someone who is present, attentive, non-judgmental, and able to bear witness to one's experience can provide deep healing. Flora is experienced in partnering with individuals and families to help explore patterns, activate positive and healthy experiences, access an array of emotions and strengths, and bring forth life visions and goals.


Parent Coaching and Support
Offered in English, Portuguese, and Spanish 

   One of Flora's passions is supporting new parents care for themselves, foster healthy connections with their child/children, and navigate changes and challenges. Through her own journey as a mother,  completion of advanced trainings,  and decades of experience working with parenting and post-partum issues, Flora brings  a solid amount of experience with parenting and early childhood. She has provided mental health consultation to an early childhood program as well as to a local Early Intervention agency. 

   Throughout her career, Flora has worked with children, adults, and families of all ages . Flora excels at supporting parents (including adolescent mothers), providing therapy, and clinical home visiting with  immigrant families.


Flora DePaiva, MSW, LICSW 

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   Flora has been in the field as a Clinical Social Worker since 2006 and specializes in offering trauma-informed and culturally sensitive therapy in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.  Her work embodies a holistic and mindful approach that includes warm, curious, and compassionate exchange.  She aspires to help her clients achieve their wellness goals. 

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